Greetings from Kutepa

During the spring and the summer, we have moved our workshop operations into the new facilities in Kuortane. Our new address is Tehtaantie 1, 63100 Kuortane. Now we have 6000 m² space as a whole. At the same time, we rationalized the processing of different materials (Fe, stainless steel and AlMg). Kutepa Rubber Service Oy has moved from Kurikka to Kuortane into our former production facilities in Mäyry. New address is Alakuljuntie 25, 63130 Mäyry. With these arrangements, we got manufacturing workshop and coating side by side, and saved from longdistance
transportation. Now the distance between the two production facilities is about 1 km.

As a new line of operation, we have started the manufacturing of fuel, bulk and chemical transport vehicles, as well as their maintenance work. We will reintroduce SITE –brand name. SITE –tanks were manufactured since 1975 until 2012, when the name was changed to Nordic Tank and now again SITE. Former employees of Nordic Tank Kuortane bankruptcy estate Oy have been hired for sales, design and production department. This is how we can keep the valuable knowhow at the company and are able to provide the high standard service to our customers also in the future. Especially the expertise of an aluminium processing is highly qualified and has a long tradition.

During the annual quality inspection, we added into the certificate SFS-EN 1090 also aluminium structures. This enables us to design and manufacture aluminium silos and structures according to SFS-EN 1090 EXC 4. During the summer, we have also audited the quality control of Welding 3834-2.

Kutepa Group was also granted the highest AAA credit rating of Bisnode in the year 2016, now eighth time in a row (only 0,8 % of the Finnish limited companies have reached the same). Suomen Asiakastieto has also granted to Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy Strongest in Finland –certificate for years 2007-2016.

During the first two quarters of the year, the biggest work for Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy were 7 pieces, insulated acid-proof stainless steel –tanks with the diameter of 6 – 8 m.

Pipes with inside rubber have been a growing product group for Kutepa Rubber Service Oy. The new facilities enable the growth of the capacity comparing to the former facilities.

During the first two quarters of the year Kutepa Industrial Service Oy has been worked with about 1000 m³ tanks making their construction assemblies and process- and district heating pipes installations along with installations for the silos, tanks and conveyors.

The first SITE –swap body deliveries were for Matti Anttila Oy ja Partor Transport AS in Norway.

Sales of Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy
Jari Isoaho +358 (0) 50 501 4740 ( Conveyor systems and Tretek -devices
Juha Kattelus +358 (0) 40 766 2424 ( Engineering works: silos, tanks and other steel

Sales of Kutepa Rubber Service Oy
Harri Alaviitala +358 (0) 40 766 2410 (

Sales of Kutepa Industrial Service Oy
Janne Pouhula +358 (0) 400 667 665 (

SITE sales of transportation vehicles
Ville Ala-Salmi + 358 (0) 50 301 8425 ( Sales
Tommi Turigin +358 (0) 400 916 633 ( Supervision and maintenance sales

More information
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