Greetings from Kutepa / SITE

Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy, Kutepa, has bought production machinery, files, part of the unfinished production and the stock portion from Nordic Tank Kuortane´s bankruptcy estate. As a result, we are expanding our operation in transportation vehicles. We will sell, manufacture and service tank trailers / swap bodies for fuel liquids and transport of bulk materials.

We begin manufacturing in the former Nordic Tank Kuortane Oy´s production facilities in Kuortane. We have employed a former personnel of Nordic Tank Kuortane Oy, so knowledge stays in the house. Transportation vehicles we will introduce as the SITE- name, which has been in use since 1975.

Sales of Transportation vehicles:
Ville Ala-Salmi (050 3018425) Sales / Reproduction and maintenance
Tommi Turigin (040 0916633) Supervision and maintenance sales

A part of Kutepa machining workshop moves to the same production facilities.The purchased machines also improve our efficiency and quality in workshop. Now we have e.g. manufacturing line that includes longitudinal welding jig and 6 m rolling machine.

We have ceased operation of Kutepa Electric Service Oy. We did not succeed in increasing electrical and automation work in our deliveries. However, we are able to continue to provide an electrical and automation work with our partners if needed.

Kutepa Group’s Early year has been a busy one. We have been involved in many projects (tanks , conveyors, assembly and coating).

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Juha Kattelus
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