Greetings from Kutepa


Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy received highest AAA creditworthiness rating for the year 2019. This is 11th year consecutively and 15th during the 25 operation years. Biggest thanks belongs to our professional and motivated staff.

At the moment we have still free capacity. Please don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry.

Workshop and installation
We have received an order regarding plastic tank fabrication as a total delivery including installation. We deliver tanks and piping from Cs, Ss, Duplx, Almg and plastic, also with rubber or ceramic lining.

Fabrication (tanks, conveyors, etc):
Installations, etc. services:

Kutepa lining and retreading
Retreading of heavy equipment tyres has started well during this year at Kuortane. All the machinery has been installed and staff has been trained. We can offer retreading and repair services for tyres of heavy equipment vehicles and working machines up to four meters of diameter.

Lining of the pipes and tanks:
Tyre retreading:

SITE transportation equipment
Major part of R&D projects for the SITE fuel-, bulk- and chemical tanks as well as trailer chassis has implemented to the production. Of course R&D is a never ending process.
Pressurised ball tanks for the bulk materials has return to SITE product category. First ball tank deliveries for trucks and trailers are scheduled for the beginning of year 2020.
Demand has been good for new 5-axle semitrailers for fuel and chemicals.

Check out our previous deliveries:


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