Sound and vibration absorption

Sound and vibration absorption reduces noise in industrial facilities, ships, and the like. Reduced resonance also improves safety, prolongs the life cycle of the equipment, and helps reduce noise levels and material wear.

We use Noxudol® that reduces resonance by turning it into thermal energy. Despite its high noise absorption capacity, Noxudol® is less than half the weight of traditional bitumen mats. In addition, the product has outstanding thermal insulation capacity and condensation resistance, and contains anti-rusting agents. After Noxudol® coating, objects can be painted and the surface meets the most exacting high fire safety requirements. Noxudol® noise absorption coating is suited for metals and plastics that are 0.5-5.0mm thick such as car chassis, ship frames, and ventilation pipes.

We provide noise and vibration absorption coating in our premises and as an on-site service. Our 5-ton grab hoist makes light work of coating heavy objects. When working on clients’ premises, we assume full responsibility for the coating, thus ensuring that your own staff is not tied up on the project.