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Bulk containers

“Give us with the vehicle, we provide the rest.”

You can choose between several adaptable alternatives based on your transportation need and the substance to be transported to achieve the best possible unloading speed.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing aluminium container structures and trailer frame structures for transporting powdered substances.

Our product development takes into account the demanding northern conditions and wishes of our customers. Due to the light weight and user-friendliness of the transport equipment, our customers are guaranteed to always to get the most cost-effective solution.

We manufacture:

  • tipping containers and horizontal compartmentalised bulk vehicle containers
  • tipping and horizontal replacement containers, aluminium locking devices and replacement container trailers
  • horizontal trailers with a self-supporting structure and low kerb weight
  • all container repairs and high-quality maintenance and spare part services
  • vehicles manufactured safely and ergonomically for the user
  • individualised products for each transport need
  • parts made of stainless materials; less need for maintenance

We also provide maintenance and spare part services

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