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Kutepa Group is a specialist in industrial material handling and storing systems. Kutepa comprises various specialized companies that cooperate closely in turnkey deliveries, while also serving clients independently in their own specialist fields.

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Juha Kattelus
Managing Director
Tel. +358 40 766 2424

Our Solutions

Material handling systems as a project delivery

We deliver material handling and storage systems as project deliveries. We plan the systems needed based on the materials to be conveyed, and organize the manufacture and installation of the equipment.

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Machining workshop manufactures parts and larger structure

Our own machining workshop manufactures conveyor belts, process and storing tanks, silos, and related structures. The machining shop also delivers various parts and larger structures to its own clients. Our machining shop’s designers will assist you when you need the exact blueprints for manufacturing the kind of part you need.

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Anti-wear and corrosion coating, noise and vibration absorption

Kutepa Rubber coats and protects metal and other parts against corrosion and wear, and implements noise and vibration absorption installation projects. We coat various objects including pipes and scrapers, and implement coating as a project delivery on customer premises.

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Tyre retreading

Kutepa Rubber Service Oy retread and repair all kind of EM and industrial tyres.
High quality tyre can be retreaded several times. Tyre will be returned back to its original condition in retreading process.

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Installation and maintenance

We provide industrial equipment installation and maintenance services, including manufacture of belt conveyors and structures for installing and configuring them ready for use on customer premises. We also provide maintenance and repair services and installations relating to development of processes such as relocating machine lines. Installation and maintenance services are provided by Kutepa Industrial Service Oy.

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Tretek conveyors

Recently, Kutepa acquired Tretek Oy, a Finnish company known for its durable and reliable conveyors, loading equipment, and other material handling equipment. The Tretek trademark will become a natural part of Kutepa’s operations.

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Manufacture of transport equipment

We manufacture high-quality transport equipment for transporting powdered and granular substances as well as fuels and oils.  Our entire design and production process takes place cost-effectively in the same unit.

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