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Planning and Project Management

Across-the-board material handling systems from one supplier

Kutepa will manage the entire material handling system acquisition on your behalf. When you need to convey raw materials and end products, we know the best solutions and how to obtain them. Among the products we deliver are conveyor equipment, storage and process tanks and silos, and loading equipment to industrial operators.

Kutepa will on your behalf manage the entire project:

  1. Planning the system
  2. Manufacture of parts and equipment
  3. Installation of the system and auxiliary equipment
  4. Testing and commissioning

Planning of material handling systems

Our designers will help in finding the best system solution for your needs. Reap the benefits of our wide-ranging experience in development of industrial material flows and processes. Planning services are exclusively available as part of turnkey deliveries.

Manufacture of parts and equipment

In addition to our own manufacture, we draw on a trusted network of sub-contractors. This allows us to scale our production based on demand and offer quick response times. Thanks to our reliable and high-quality equipment, we never compromise on delivery times or quality.

Management of system and auxiliary equipment installations

We will manage the equipment installation on your behalf. We organize installation of the lines and related measuring instruments, either through our own installation companies – Kutepa Industrial Service and Kutepa Electric Service – or through our reliable network of local subcontractors. Kutepa is always responsible for the result and quality of the installation even when subcontractors are used.

Organizing testing and commissioning

At the end of the project, we test the operation of the system. An experienced project manager will be responsible for the testing and ensure the smoothness of the commissioning. This way, your company’s operations will continue with as little disruption as possible while the new system is being installed.

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    Kutepa Group specializes in the delivery of material handling and storage systems. We provide all services needed in the material handling chain, including equipment planning and manufacture and systems installation and maintenance.

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