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Industrial installation services

We offer industrial installation and construction services including the equipment, material handling and storing systems and piping needed in processes, and support steel structures. We can either complete installations according to ready plans or also prepare the plans.

Production plants are affected by developments in production technology and changes in legislation, and sometimes the process requires new equipment or relocation of old equipment. We will complete machine line transfers relating to the development of processes and construct new lines in difficult spots, such as narrow and high places.

We always aim to provide quick and personal service to our customers. One contact person is appointed for each project, and is always up to date with the latest developments. This makes for easy and effective communication, especially when changes occur midway through the project and demand a quick response.

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    Kutepa Group specializes in the delivery of material handling and storage systems. We provide all services needed in the material handling chain, including equipment planning and manufacture and systems installation and maintenance.

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