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Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy

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Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu

Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy is a service-oriented Finnish machining workshop offering top-quality finished products and quick delivery times.

In addition to manufacturing various kinds of parts and larger structures, we assist our customers in designing the parts based on an existing idea, or even just a rough outline.

Our organization and premises are scaled to customer requirements, allowing us to serve different-sized companies and to better prepare for changes in the economic situation. This increases the reliability of our deliveries both for urgent assignments and during times of economic uncertainty.

Our best-known products include various kinds of silos and tanks and conveyors designed for powdery substances, which we have manufactured since 1994. Our clientele consists mainly of operators in the mining, energy, and foods industries. We also manufacture parts and larger structures for a range of other industries.

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    Kuortaneen Teollisuuspalvelu Oy

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